While pursuing the internet last night I came across a post on Cute Overload. Did you know February 22 is Cat Day, ? It’s true check out this link: 


So in honor of our feline friends.  We should do something special for them but not too crazy.  You can throw them a party or bake yourself cat cake or cupcakes

We could also spend the day contemplating what the internet would be like with out cats.  A scary though but we have no fear of that happening anytime soon. If you feel like get lost in kitty land, Check out a couple of my favorite catcentric blogs and websites, 





and the one site that I think started it all 



I am sorry for not posting for such a long time. Personal issues and a busy holiday season and losing my password are only just some of my problems from the last couple months. I am on the slow road of recovery. All I can say is God is good and I have awesome family and wonderful friends.

I am returning to my normal level of weirdness some days and umm weeks are better than others. I am taking each day as it comes and climbing out of the depths of despair as Ann Shirley would say. What have you found to be helpful while in the depths of despair ? Please share in the comments. here is list of some things that have helped me. I hope these help you too.

1. Prayer and reading the bible.
2.Making lists of positives and negatives.
3.Being kind to myself.
5.Painting and doodling.
6.Hot tea and cocoa
7. keeping a diary of sorts.
8.Talking with people (difficult if you are introvert like me but sometimes it helps to get it out.)
9. Singing
10. Laughter
11.Quiet evenings at home with a few furry friends.
12.Yoga pants.
13. Exercise and dancing.
15. Bath cocktails. Just fill up a bath with hot water add Epson salts , baking soda and essential oils. I prefer lavender but you can what ever you want.
16.Mindless t.v. time and internet browsing.
17. White noise machine to lure me to sleep. I found slow waves or rainstorm sends me right to sleep.
18.Permission to move on from mistakes.
19.cleaning up chaotic spaces.
20.Not reading about how to fix all my problems.

Christmas Crafts 002

Sometimes, I am afraid the craft police are going to arrest me.  Finishing the craft room / Art studio has unearthed some interesting items like the broken Christmas ornaments ,googly eyes and E6000. Have you tried this glue ? it is the best. and glue almost anything.  It has accorded to me after creating some really odd that this could be one the primary reasons that I am still single.  My weirdness comes out like imp and takes over. I sat my table and glued away laughing like Dr. Frankenstein and delighting in the absurdness of it all. I am really tempted to try and sell this on Etsy just see if any one would buy it.  My marketing of this special one of a kind ornament would be that this could be an alternative to the Elf on the shelf . Hans the mutant nutcracker would be more of reason to behave and he can see in the dark.  Yes,  my glue and crafts should be taken away from me but those craft police can’t get me.  I am armed with an imagination and glitter.

Once again I have failed to update this blog with my promise of once a week, I am blaming it my tendency to over think and worry about almost everything including a little old blog post.

I am learning day by on how not worry by prayer and reading the bible daily. A couple of good books and talks with friends have helped too.

Recently, while procrastinating on Pinterest I came across this verse that is now plastered around my house and in my car. It’s Proverbs 31:25
She is clothed in dignity and strength, and laughs at the future.

When I think of the future laughing is not what I want to but it says laughter not crying or freaking out.  I have faith and love for a God who has plans for me and loves more than I can comprehend. I can’t say I will stop worrying completely but have given verses to strengthen and guide me everyday

I need Brainssss

I need Brainssss


Shelf inspector hard at work


I like to play small car Jenga. I love the challenge of trying to fit as much stuff in the back of a 2005 Hatchback.  The last challenge was fitting 9 cinder blacks and three 8 foot long planks. Loews was very kind in offering to help me load my car but I declined. I knew it was going to some finagling around. Even though I declined help I was amazed that no one in the parking lot even asked. I would have declined but it would have been nice to at least have someone to offer. Is chivalry dead ?or people are busy ?   I measured but not very well so the result was driving with three long pieces of wood pressed against the windshield soften with a T-shirt.  Only by prayer and slow careful drive home that no harm was done. The lesson learned was measure the inside of the car and the not the outside. 

Along with the shelves I purchased the paint.  I decided on malted milk as the color. Due to the small space I had to paint half the room first. Build the shelves. Load them up with stuff then paint the other half.  I stopped sometime on Saturday evening  and pushed the rest of the junk back in.   Probably more time consuming but it was worth it not have the rest of the house cluttered on Sunday.


I rested, worshiped and went Kayaking with my mom. I am going to share about the kayaking adventure another time. 


I woke up and was determined to finish painting but first needed to clear the room again. The amount of stuff was overwhelming even after purging and tossing a majority of the stuff. I sorted through three book shelves and managing to reduce the amount enough to fill half of one bookshelves .  

After moaning about the amount of stuff to be done I painted the rest of the walls and sort through more stuff. Sometime around noon I could not take being inside any more. The piles of stuff , maze of bookshelves and freaked out cats finally got to me.  The sun was shining so I changed out the paint clothes and head out.  With hands flecked with malted milk I went pick some apples. Not practical but it renewed my energy before heading back to Loews.  Mama always said, “A project is not complete with only one trip to the hardware store”. I needed to return a gallon of paint, I was advised to get two by the man on Saturday. I was able to give the room 2 coats some parts three coat sand still have some left over.  I also wanted to get another plank of wood and more cinder blocks. I was not offered help today at Loews and had track down an employee. On Saturday I had to dodge them while browsing. It is strange how their customer service changed In two days.   I was smarter at loading today and angled the plank to fit in the car. No danger of damaging the windshield and I could see out the passenger side mirror.  The hardest part was lifting the cinder blocks up to finish the shelf.  I love how they turn out and it looks great against the wall color.  No time to stop and admire. I loaded them up with more stuff and kept moving.  The next step was to get the pine table out of the basement. Not heavy but very awkward getting up narrow steps and around a corner.  It was difficult but worth it,  No more crafting on the dining room table after today. 

I am almost finished and have a 30% more to do.  My list has shorted and it feels good to be close to being able start creating some art and crafts.  Image

How many containers of glitter do I really have ? and what is this ? were my thoughts this morning as I finally made some progress on the horrible little room. At first I felt sense of despair and disgust at all the junk accumulated.  I asked the Lord for forgiveness for being so wasteful then  pulled up my yoga pants and waded in.  I threw out around  six bags of garbage and shifted the mountain of stuff around the room .  I longed for a blowtorch or magic wand to make all go away. Progress is slow but the idea of making this into a usable space again is very appealing.

To keep focused almost everyday I make a list sometimes it’s metal or scribbled on scrap paper. Today I had no list and just cleaned like my life depended on it.  I need to write a post dedicated to my love of lists.  OK back to the art studio or mind fortress.  I am still trying to come with a good name for the space. The dust and glitter has settled and my mind is back to list making mode.   All I need to do to get back to creating in  twelves steps.

  1. Sort through about 5 1/2 boxes of craft supplies
  2. Find a new way of storing supplies that is functional but looks nice.
  3. Donate unwanted supplies or post on freecycle
  4. Climb to the top of Mt.Fabric.
  5. Donate books from the three book shelves in the room. I feel almost guilty any time a book leaves the house even if has not been read for a very long time or will not be reread.  I would love to live in one of those old English mansions with the enormous library.  It would of course be two levels have cool spiral staircase, fireplace and large leather chairs.
  6. Head to the hardware store for supplies to build this cheap but effective shelves and of course get some paint.
  7. clear everything out of the room again.
  8. Paint .
  9. Build shelves.
  10. Move everything back in.
  11. Get crafting, sewing and painting.
  12. Keep it tidy and junk free.

I am sure how long it will take me to finish this list but plan on stop procrastinating and work on the room for a least five or ten minutes a day. Some progress is better than no progress. I need keep saying this when getting discouraged by the amount of stuff that needs to get done before the fun can start.   I will not share the pitiful progress pictures because it discouraging really does not look any different from the last pictures.  So  I will share the color choices. , I am stuck between malted milk and antique lace.

Staring at paint chips makes me happy. 

Fall 2013 030

I think everyone has a room or a drawer or a closet that should not be seen by your mother, the plumber or anyone.  I have room that has gotten of control  Unfortunately, this room happens to have all my  painting, crafting and sewing supplies. This room and million other things are clogging the brain and the part of soul that calls out to create.  This room cannot excuses me completely of neglecting this blog and Quarto DE Weekendo way of life. I am not ready share yet what has but for the time being I will share the process of rehabbing a neglected room in a sanctuary for creativity with some room for kitties. I have plan and started board on Pinterest.  I picked out colors at Lowe’s and have hung them on the wall to mull over for a week or two.

I apologize for the following images if any one is of a sensitive nature or O.C.D.  Please do not scroll down  any further. i have tried to protect us all by photographing in black white.  Important lesson is to be learned from this. If you want to make a mess look creative or edgier always photograph in black and white.

Art Studio 002Art Studio 006 Art Studio 003

Despite the evidence in these horrific images” I am not a hoarder”  just a disorganized artiste .

Please share in the comments if you have similar project or any inexpensive or creative shelving ideas.    Please come back soon and see the progress on this horrid little room .

Hornbilled Caterpillar

Beauregard the Hornbilled Caterpillar nomming a tomato.


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