I finally stopped procrastinating last Saturday and went and did what has been successfully avoided for months. No! not a date or cleaning the basement. I finally went to the KatBird Shop and fetched my paintings. Prior to the appointment to retrieve the unsold paintings I was full of negativity. Ripping appart what ever artistic skills and vision I have ever had.  The reason why my art did not sell it must be rubbish.  My painting are better off in the trash. The little bits of me infused into my art must not be valuable  These feelings and others are why I put off for so long retrieving my art from the shop during the upteen months they were away (only one sold and that  person knows me).  Maybe only friends and loved ones appreciate my globs of paint smeared on a canvas ? Maybe they only encourage me like you would a small child ?  Even Elephants are considered more successful artists than me.  This year I have decided to stop avoiding unpleasant or difficult tasks. The first one achieved was making an appointment and fetching the unappreciated detestables home.  On Friday night, I had a meaningful talk with a creative friend that helped change my way of thinking. She attended a lecture by an artist and the gist of it  was keep on make things that make you happy. It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks or is doing.  I slept on this morsel of logic and happily went and retrieved the paintings. I planned on gessoing over them and starting over again.  And you know what ? I think they are splendid.  In the safety and privacy  that can only be achieved by being at home.  I unwrapped the plastic wrap and hung them up around the house. They look cheerful and add freshness to the walls.  The despised and rejected are hanging up to be admired and bring beauty of nature inside.  People who overlooked and did not buy my painting are crazy. My friends and family are not. They happen to be bright and insightful people who can appreciate true art when they see it. I don’t know if  or when I  will try to sell my art again but I will go on painting.  God gave me this gift and I will keep using it.

Lilacs, Caspian and Summer Peaches

Lilacs, Caspian and Summer Peaches

Blue Hydrangeas Blossoms

Blue Hydrangeas Blossoms

birdpartySmall setbacks and annoyances are getting less bothersome. I have been living a permanent state of constant stress for the past couple years. Working in stressful job that goes against my weird and introverted artistic self has led me to be sick, tired and just generally unhappy.  Thankfully, I have really good family, friends and an belong to an Awesome God. Yep, I am the King of Kings daughter and joyfully can praise his name. I really don’t know where  this post is going accept this morning I work up early to prepare a casserole for the church supper. Having no shells, penne or elbows for the planned macaroni cheese.  I ended up using spinach angel hair and creating baked pasta primavera. Just don’t ask for a recipe it was all just thrown together.  During this early morning cooking fest, I decided to throw the birds a party. I placed some old kumquats on the frozen bird bath.  Refiled the suet feeder. Decorated the discarded Christmas tree with dried orange slices.  Absent mindedly I went out without a scarf or hat just grab a jacket.  Not thinking it’s below 10 degrees I cam back in to a warm and toasty house and woke the asthma beast woke up. Sunday’s are poor day for breathing for me due to an old church and the essence of flowers and perfumes. Normally I can control this by inhaler and caffeine. Today I just had to spend the morning in. I was annoyed just having made a large casserole and wanting to be in my Father’s house.  But casseroles can be frozen and if asthma is in control, I will go to evening church. I realized that instead beginning filled with guilt as I would in the past over small annoyances I can be logical and move on with life. This way of thinking is an answer to prayer and I hope it continues.  In the meantime the birds and I can celebrate this victory.

It has been way too long since posting and I apologize. My life in the past I don’t know how many months has been a roller coaster of defeats and achievements.  I often think of things to write but find myself more often sitting on the couch munching.  I know not very healthy but it is now a new year a chance to start fresh.  I am not making resolutions this year but simply have set some goals to achieve.  In my mind they are different but in reality probably the same. This year I hope to change the thing that is making me stressed, sick and tired for last 3 years. Those who know me are aware of what that thing is. I don’t mean to be secretive but how much  personal business should be on the web ? It so hard to decide what to share but at this point I am keeping mum.  I will share my short term goals for this month and year.

1.  Kick my addiction to sugar.  Yes ! no more cookies, chocolate and gummies.  My pants are tight and I need to take immediate action.  I will not replace sugar with artificial junk but simply make some better choices.    Starting tomorrow I am stocking up on fruit and nuts.

2. Maintain this blog. It is extremely lazy of me to neglect this vehicle of expression.

3.Finish unfinished projects. This includes projects that all the supplies have been brought but never started.

4.Start exercising again. Even if it means ten minutes of baltering in the morning.

5.Spend more quality time with God.

Happy New Year !



Lemon Greek Yogurt Tea Cakes

Lemon Greek Yogurt Tea Cakes

I should be doing some many things right now instead of writing a blog post about cookies. For example I should be in the kitchen cleaning up or washing the sticky spot off the top of my left foot but these things can wait for now. Some days I need to take a break and bake some early morning cookies in my pajamas with messy hair and bare feet. Tomorrow is the Stockade Assembly (English Country Dance thing) and any excuse to bake and I will.  The flowers are blooming and the afternoon should be a lovely time. Tea and cookies will be a must. I really wanted to bake sugar cookies but rolling out cookies is not my favorite thing to do.  For inspiration I hit the internet and found a recipe for Grandma’s Sour Cream Drop cookies at Cozy Country Living.  To make the recipe slightly healthier and to use what was already in the fridge I adapted the recipe to avoid another trip to the grocery store

  Lemon Greek Yogurt Tea Cakes 

 2 stick of unsalted very soft butter

1 1/2 cups of sugar

Zest of two lemons

2 large eggs

1 tsp Princess cake and cookie  Flavoring or 2 tsp of vanilla

1 1/4 cups greek yogurt (I used Fage 2% and o%)

4 cups of flour

1 tsp of baking soda

1sp of baking powder

1 tsp salt

Cream Cheese Icing 

1 stick softened unsalted butter

1 8oz package full fat cream cheese , room temperature

4 cups of powdered sugar

juice of 1 lemon

1 tsp or more of beet juice or a couple drops of food coloring

Preheat the oven to 400 degree  and prepare baking pans with parchment paper or silicone liners.

Zest your lemons into the sugar. Give them a massage with you fingers to help release the lemon oils. Breath in deeply to get the full effect.  Combine the lemon sugar and butter,  Cream until light and fluffy.  Add the eggs and princess flavoring or vanilla.  Mixing well together before moving on to the dry ingredients.

Sift the leaving, salt and flour together in separate bowl. I normally ignore sifting in a recipe but in this case you will really want to. We are trying to keep the batter light and fluffy.

Alternate adding the dry and yogurt into the base of the batter. Combine well before adding the yogurt or flour.

The batter will be very sticky and somewhat fluffy.

Using a tablespoon or small cookie scoop drop on the baking pans.  These cookies don’t spread that much but try to keep 1/4 inch between them.  Bake for about 10 minutes or until the edges are golden brown and the tops look done. You can test of doneness with a metal skewer.  I found it was best to bake one pan at time because they will get really dark (umm burned on the bottom.   Let cool for a minute or two before transferring to a cooling rack.

While the cookies are cooking

Combine the butter, cream cheese, lemon juice.

Slowly add the powdered sugar

combine adding more sugar if needed, You will want it to be spreadable but not goopy.  I was going to add food coloring to the frosting but my inner organic hippy child requested a healthier option. I added a tsp or two of some beet juice until it was right shade of pink.

When the cookies are cooled just frost away and try not to lick your fingers too much.


The need to create was strong and I came across a stash of ball fringe while rearranging a cabinet.  With a steady hand and glue gun , the lamp shades could not escape embellishment. 

Ball Fringe Lampshade

Craft room lamp is ready to party.


Boudoir lamp is feeling fancy.

Project #2 

Now this craft really did use the sun. While wandering around Joanne’s yesterday looking for things that don’t exist I came across a Lumi Shadow Printing kit.  I read about this product months ago and soon gave up the idea of using it due the high cost at the time. I can’t wait to try out other projects with the Lumi ink.  Nextime, I will have to find another dark room to work in other than my bedroom. The ink has ammonia in it so it stunk up my boudoir and hands. Lesson learned crafts need to be kept out of the room you sleep in.


I am a horrible blogger. I kept thinking about posting and writing but never got around to it.  I haven’t been very busy and my life is about the same. Is there a word for when you forget why you originally went on the internet ?  Does this happen to you ? I always think of things I want to know or find out about but tend to get distracted by pictures of cats ,food or randomness.   Now that Spring has arrived I feel energized , crafty and have the need to clean.   This weekend was shorted by having to work for part of Saturday.  Powered by the sun and antihistamines I have crafted like crazy.

Project number 1

Painted the kitchen backsplash using a mix of Reeves metallic acrylic paints and dry brush. Now all is needed is to paint the cabinets top and bottom. I also need to really clean the bottom of the top cabinets just noticed how filthy they are looking at the pictures.





While pursuing the internet last night I came across a post on Cute Overload. Did you know February 22 is Cat Day, ? It’s true check out this link: 


So in honor of our feline friends.  We should do something special for them but not too crazy.  You can throw them a party or bake yourself cat cake or cupcakes

We could also spend the day contemplating what the internet would be like with out cats.  A scary though but we have no fear of that happening anytime soon. If you feel like get lost in kitty land, Check out a couple of my favorite catcentric blogs and websites, 





and the one site that I think started it all 



I am sorry for not posting for such a long time. Personal issues and a busy holiday season and losing my password are only just some of my problems from the last couple months. I am on the slow road of recovery. All I can say is God is good and I have awesome family and wonderful friends.

I am returning to my normal level of weirdness some days and umm weeks are better than others. I am taking each day as it comes and climbing out of the depths of despair as Ann Shirley would say. What have you found to be helpful while in the depths of despair ? Please share in the comments. here is list of some things that have helped me. I hope these help you too.

1. Prayer and reading the bible.
2.Making lists of positives and negatives.
3.Being kind to myself.
5.Painting and doodling.
6.Hot tea and cocoa
7. keeping a diary of sorts.
8.Talking with people (difficult if you are introvert like me but sometimes it helps to get it out.)
9. Singing
10. Laughter
11.Quiet evenings at home with a few furry friends.
12.Yoga pants.
13. Exercise and dancing.
15. Bath cocktails. Just fill up a bath with hot water add Epson salts , baking soda and essential oils. I prefer lavender but you can what ever you want.
16.Mindless t.v. time and internet browsing.
17. White noise machine to lure me to sleep. I found slow waves or rainstorm sends me right to sleep.
18.Permission to move on from mistakes.
19.cleaning up chaotic spaces.
20.Not reading about how to fix all my problems.

Christmas Crafts 002

Sometimes, I am afraid the craft police are going to arrest me.  Finishing the craft room / Art studio has unearthed some interesting items like the broken Christmas ornaments ,googly eyes and E6000. Have you tried this glue ? it is the best. and glue almost anything.  It has accorded to me after creating some really odd that this could be one the primary reasons that I am still single.  My weirdness comes out like imp and takes over. I sat my table and glued away laughing like Dr. Frankenstein and delighting in the absurdness of it all. I am really tempted to try and sell this on Etsy just see if any one would buy it.  My marketing of this special one of a kind ornament would be that this could be an alternative to the Elf on the shelf . Hans the mutant nutcracker would be more of reason to behave and he can see in the dark.  Yes,  my glue and crafts should be taken away from me but those craft police can’t get me.  I am armed with an imagination and glitter.

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