I have decided to blog my random thoughts, crafts, recipes and my own made up holiday of Quatro De Weekendo. Don’t worry, I will post separate explanation of what Quatro De Weekendo is and how you can celebrate it.  This is a New Year and good time to move forward in life not a time to have “what of haves,should I haves and what ifs.” My New Year resolutions are

1. Start a blog, √ ” I ,Grace, promise you blog to regularly post on you. ”

2. Spend time each week painting or drawing.

3. Read the entire New Testament. I have tried in the past to read the entire bible in year but have not succeeded.

4. Fit into a pair of plaid shorts, silk regency gown and this clearance rack dress.  In my way thinking this is more reasonable than losing a specific amount of weight and will not involve a scale.


5. Improve my writing skills and grammar.


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