What is Quarto De Weekendo ?

Quarto De Weekendo is the celebration of the four day weekend. You can have multiple celebrations through out the year. On these days, attire is casual and the menu usually consists of fattening high calorie food. Actives include staying up late, sleeping in, bumming around and shopping. Some people choose to use these days to travel or complete exhausting projects but they are in the minority.e

To celebrate Quarto DE Weekend O you must first have some days off. Saturday and Sunday should be in the beginning, middle or end of those days. It is best if you don’t have to use vacation time to obtain these extra two days. Next you need an ugly candelabra that has no other purpose. You could make you own by boring holes in large solid vegetable like a sweet potato. You need a space for four candles. Please don’t spend a lot of money or go through extreme effort making your own. It is best if the candelabra resembles of pig. The pig represents the fattening foods eaten during this lazy time.The four candles when lit are called the flames of freedom. The flames represent the time of not working. The size and color do not matter. Your menu and activities are up to you but remember to relax and eat cookies. 

Each morning you should wake up as late as possible and light the flames of freedom. Light all the candles each morning but snuff a flame in memory of the previous day. On the last no flames will be left. Take a moment to be thankful of the the last 96 hours.


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