Friday !

I have decided to celebrate or be more aware of the small happy events and things in life, Not every weekend can be four days long.  The big things in life don’t happen very often to me. Friends get married, have babies, move or buy houses but my life just goes on. I am not ungrateful or melancholy  God has gifted and provided me with good things.  I have regular pay check and people who love me,  But enough of that ! today I am thankful and celebrating Friday one of the better days of the week. Not pop song worthy but definitely something to be happy about.

 Friday ? Why do I love you ?  It could be that two full days of not working are coming or is is ti because I get to dance tonight ?   For all of those reasons I love Fridays.  Most Friday night’s I  dance English country dancing with a wonderful group of people at Union College. We banter,eat, laugh and learn some dances. I know this not typical activity for a young single person in their thirties but if you love something don’t mind the masses. English county dance and my fellow dancers have become near and dear to my heart.  Occasionally, I will go to a ball and pretend to be Elizabeth Bennett but most of time I like to stay at home. “There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort. ” ~Jane Austen.  Here some helpful links for those who don’t know what English country dancing is or would like to learn more.

If anyone know how to link words and websites ? Please comment and any help would be appreciated. If you don’t know please comment.  How do you celebrate the smalls things ? or what to do you love about Friday ?



  1. Right now, I’m just a mommy at home (not entirely true- but to the outside world it’s what it looks like). So Friday to me means I get an extra pair of hands at home for two days. My husband helps lighten the load and I get more chances to do my art work, writing or reading.

    • Sorry for the late reply. I had difficulties getting in the dashboard of the blog. Glad you have a weekends with two extra hands to help with the never ending job of being a mommy.

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