video Cabin Fever

Since the all the beautiful snow has melted leaving unsatisfactory dirty messes I have found myself restless and in need of more snow or spring.  

 Since spring is at least three months away  I must find a way to cope.  I tried baking cookies, cleaning and going to the gym but nothing worked. Finally the light bulb went off I need time with nature. With no snow for snowshoeing and my dislike of damp cold makes walking miserable I needed to find something.  The answer was to make a terrarium . My obsession with glass jars made finding a suitable container easy it was just a matter of finding plants and dirt. I tried Lowe’s but their plants were sad and the atmosphere stifling. Poor little sickly plants someday when I become Queen you will be set free.  I made the trip to Faddegon’s and wandered among the beautiful lush plants. Visited the fish and gently petted anything that looked nice.  I left with three tiny plants and a bag of dirt.  I Did you know people have started a Fairy garden trend ? They plant a container garden then add doll house accessories. Very cute but expensive. I prefer a more home-made approach to accessorizing   My terrarium is has been made into home by a sparkly hippo, glass ladybird and Red Rose leopard.  My cabin fever has been cured for now. For instructions on building your own check out




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