so sorry

Dear Little Blog,

I am sorry for neglecting you.

My only excuse it that coherent thoughts and the ability write went missing

when my head started to feel like it was full of cotton balls.

Please accept my apology,


The cotton ball feeling has dissipated somewhat and happy thoughts are started bounce around again,   My thoughts are looking to the future but I can’t help but remembering the fun from  this past month. Ten highlights of January not necessarily in order of importance or occurrence

1. Dancing the New Year in complete with flowing bubbly wine and friends.

2 Returning to the gym after a unhealthy but good Christmas season.

3. Making the best loaf of whole wheat bread in the history of my bread making. Sorry, no pictures or recipe

4. Painting and drawing my cats successfully.

5. Learning or at least relearning it’s not how to deal with people but how to love them. I will always struggle with this  one but the having a spirit of love instead of tolerance is the key. These bible verse from  are very useful.

6. The return of Downton Abbey season 3.

7.Planting a terrarium

8. Being careful with a store credit card.

9. Being randomly hugged by babies at work.

10. Ending the month with dancing at the Elm City assembly


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