Weird Dreams

I have really weird dreams this must be something inherited from my mother.  Sometimes my dreams are really funny and others are  just plain creepy.  I had a doozie of a strange dream the other night. I dreamt that I was going to get a tattoo of a unicorn riding a monkey on the palm of my left hand. I commissioned my high school friend Casey who is a great artist and has  a wonderful shop on Etsy.   Anyway getting back to my dream I eventually decide to have it tattooed  on my butt because palm tattoos are not professional and it would be painful.  A couple days later I shared my dream with Casey via Facebook and this is what she came up with×7-card?utm_source=OpenGraph&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share

and I love this and ordered both cards.  So from now I am going to share my dreams with they are strange and amusing.




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