Soda Bread

The closest I can come to know what at athlete might feel like is when I am creating. I am going by my imagination to how they feel when throwing winning puck or hitting the ball into the end zone. This could be baking bread , painting a picture ,dancing or singing.  Things might not always turn out , look or sound perfect but you keep working at it.  This past Thursday the furnace was kaput and the house was freezing cold. Kitties and space heaters helped but the oven needed to come on. If the oven is on it must be used. The only problem was that I am fighting off a cold and was exhausted from another stressful day of the job.  When I attempt to cook or bake in the condition. Bad things happen like under cooked over mixed Irish Soda Bread, This may not mean much to anyone who does not bake but this was sad thing indeed. To make matters worse I made a double batch.  Beautifully golden on the outside. Horrible doughy on the inside. Friday , I returned to a beautifully warm house and the urge to bake returned. I made another loaf of Soda bread from Ina Garten’s recipe  The Soda Bread was beautiful inside and out and not too dry. I think people liked it from they way it was devoured at dance during break. While writing this post it made think how we can look perfectly fine but on the inside we can be under cooked and tough.  Leading my thoughts to how beautiful salvation is.  How Jesus has remade and keeps refining this lump of dough. I am not perfect loaf yet  but I am redeemed and that means everything.


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