I has been four months or so since posting my New Years resolutions . So far I have not kept any of them very well but plan too.  I am now contemplating the thought and motivation behind the resolutions.

1. Start a blog

Keeping this blog updated regularly is challenge but only when I think about myself. As a bit of introvert I get self conscious when I start to think about what people will think.  Life is much easier when you don’t think about yourself too much. At that it is what I have found is true for me.

I have not kept this up at all. Like a volcano I simmer with creative ideas until I can’t stand it anymore and erupt with painting.  I paint madly for a short period of time.  The positive thins is that i have finally brought painting out of sitting in corner to be seen by people at The KatBird Shop. Nothings has sold yet but it better to be out where people can hopefully enjoy them.

3. Read the entire New Testament.

Sticking to a reading plan is not working for me. I find myself on tangents and pursing other bits of knowledge in the old testament. But  I am regularly having time with God. My favorite devotional right now is A Hobbit Devotional: Bilbo Baggins and the Bible by ED Strauss.  Yes, a little cheesy sounding but Mr. Strauss has some good points and  applicable examples of the Bible, life and The Hobbit. My intention behind reading the entire new testament was not to finish the Bible but a desire to know God better.

4. Fit into a pair of plaid shorts, silk regency gown and this clearance rack dress.

So far I have failed nothing fits and I have pile of pants ready to go to Sal’s Boutique (Salvation Army).  Asthma,allergies and various sicknesses most likely caused snotty nosed children have kept me from the gym. I am feeling unmotivated but want to be healthier and prepared for the dreaded bathing suit season. My new plan is to start jogging in the morning. A couple problems behind this I do not care for running or getting up in the morning. But the need must be greater than my dislikes. I was going to start today but it snowed. I am not equipped yet for cold weather running yet.  So hopefully sometime this week or next week it will happen. I have started some research of the benefits of running/jogging and also some help to get motivated.


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