PJ Time Fail

I came home from work today  and threw out all plans of working out when the jammie pants came out.  I am feeling slightly guilty for not working out so I have washed dishes,cleaned the fridge and done laundry. So far this week I have scared myself silly by looking at the number on the scale and have run for thirty minutes each morning. I am practicing inside before venturing outside into the real world.  I dug the dusty WII balance board out of the cabinet and had to tale it apart because a battery oozed all over it.  The mechanical voice  tells me I am overweight and what my ideal BMI should be.  I think the little voices belong to Mothra ‘s tiny ladies.   Click on the picture for a video Tomorrow morning WII fit will express it’s disappointment over me not checking in with it today. Despite my annoyance with WII Fit I work up better sweat at home. I feel healthier and look forward to the day when I can run for longer and not resemble a damp red faced mess. 



  1. Good job with the running! I can’t bring myself to leave the house and look like a weirdo running down the street. It helps that I have the baby as an excuse though… for now I’m just doing 5-15 minute routines from this lady named Melissa Bender on youtube and they are kicking my butt!

    Every little bit helps, even if it’s just cleaning out the fridge instead of sitting around reading or watching tv.

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