aside  I think of things to share but then

I think of things to share but then I decide not to post.  I don’t know why. It could be that I am a bit of introvert.  This blog is supposed to be fun and once again over thinking has made me a party pooper,

So here we go all the random things I was going to share but decided not to until now.


Butter Beans are the secret behind the success of my new diet and exercise plan. After reading this article  How to NOT Suck at Building Healthy Habits…FINALLY!
I  needed a way to be motivated to eat well by providing a distasteful consequence. I love vegetables but really dislike Lima beans. The mushy texture and they look like squishy green bugs.  Just thinking about eating them makes me ill. So far this tactic is working.  The can of beans is kept on the kitchen island watching what choices I make while looking for food.


This Caspian the Large with his knitted doughnut.  Image

Caspian Turkey Butt only weights 17.8 lbs  but looks a lot bigger.


Herriot likes to spend time with the knitted doughnut nut too.

The End.


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