Hello ,

I know it has been a long time since the last posted. I though of many amusing things to share but once again procrastinated and kept happy thoughts to myself. It was selfish and I am sorry. I am not sure how people keep blogs and traditional diaries up. Maybe they have more discipline or a longer attention span than I have. My life is pretty much the same since I last wrote. The kitties are well finally. Herriot (the black and white fluffy one) had some expensive and much need veterinary care.  Caspian had a case of amnesia regarding who Herriot was and claimed he never met that cat before.  They had to be separated at nigh and while I was at work, Two months later and they are finally back to being friends again.

I am still losing weight and watching my calories on http://www.myfitnesspal.com/. since I last braved stepping on a scale I lost fifteen pounds about half of my goal and that was two weeks ago. Somewhat  afraid to step on again since have a fat fest at Five Guys. On positive and encouraging note I brought shorts two sizes smaller at Old Navy.

The garden is growing and slowly producing more than herbs despite the ravenous horn billed caterpillar making a fine lunch of green tomatoes .

The paintings at the Cat Bird Shop have not sold yet. I am trying not to be discouraged but I am. My desire to paint and create have dimmed recently. No that selling my art is  is reason behind creating but this horrible little voice in my head keeps telling me not bother. I am working through this drought by thinking of all the artists who became famous when they died, being famous is not my desire but it would be nice if someone thought my paintings were nice enough to buy.


My Saturdays have been spent swimming, kayaking and dining upon bacon .


So I think this all for now.






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