image Horrid Little Room

I think everyone has a room or a drawer or a closet that should not be seen by your mother, the plumber or anyone.  I have room that has gotten of control  Unfortunately, this room happens to have all my  painting, crafting and sewing supplies. This room and million other things are clogging the brain and the part of soul that calls out to create.  This room cannot excuses me completely of neglecting this blog and Quarto DE Weekendo way of life. I am not ready share yet what has but for the time being I will share the process of rehabbing a neglected room in a sanctuary for creativity with some room for kitties. I have plan and started board on Pinterest.  I picked out colors at Lowe’s and have hung them on the wall to mull over for a week or two.

I apologize for the following images if any one is of a sensitive nature or O.C.D.  Please do not scroll down  any further. i have tried to protect us all by photographing in black white.  Important lesson is to be learned from this. If you want to make a mess look creative or edgier always photograph in black and white.

Art Studio 002Art Studio 006 Art Studio 003

Despite the evidence in these horrific images” I am not a hoarder”  just a disorganized artiste .

Please share in the comments if you have similar project or any inexpensive or creative shelving ideas.    Please come back soon and see the progress on this horrid little room .


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