image How many containers of glitter do I really have ? and what is this ?

How many containers of glitter do I really have ? and what is this ? were my thoughts this morning as I finally made some progress on the horrible little room. At first I felt sense of despair and disgust at all the junk accumulated.  I asked the Lord for forgiveness for being so wasteful then  pulled up my yoga pants and waded in.  I threw out around  six bags of garbage and shifted the mountain of stuff around the room .  I longed for a blowtorch or magic wand to make all go away. Progress is slow but the idea of making this into a usable space again is very appealing.

To keep focused almost everyday I make a list sometimes it’s metal or scribbled on scrap paper. Today I had no list and just cleaned like my life depended on it.  I need to write a post dedicated to my love of lists.  OK back to the art studio or mind fortress.  I am still trying to come with a good name for the space. The dust and glitter has settled and my mind is back to list making mode.   All I need to do to get back to creating in  twelves steps.

  1. Sort through about 5 1/2 boxes of craft supplies
  2. Find a new way of storing supplies that is functional but looks nice.
  3. Donate unwanted supplies or post on freecycle
  4. Climb to the top of Mt.Fabric.
  5. Donate books from the three book shelves in the room. I feel almost guilty any time a book leaves the house even if has not been read for a very long time or will not be reread.  I would love to live in one of those old English mansions with the enormous library.  It would of course be two levels have cool spiral staircase, fireplace and large leather chairs.
  6. Head to the hardware store for supplies to build this cheap but effective shelves and of course get some paint.
  7. clear everything out of the room again.
  8. Paint .
  9. Build shelves.
  10. Move everything back in.
  11. Get crafting, sewing and painting.
  12. Keep it tidy and junk free.

I am sure how long it will take me to finish this list but plan on stop procrastinating and work on the room for a least five or ten minutes a day. Some progress is better than no progress. I need keep saying this when getting discouraged by the amount of stuff that needs to get done before the fun can start.   I will not share the pitiful progress pictures because it discouraging really does not look any different from the last pictures.  So  I will share the color choices. , I am stuck between malted milk and antique lace.

Staring at paint chips makes me happy. 

Fall 2013 030



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