70% Completed


I like to play small car Jenga. I love the challenge of trying to fit as much stuff in the back of a 2005 Hatchback.  The last challenge was fitting 9 cinder blacks and three 8 foot long planks. Loews was very kind in offering to help me load my car but I declined. I knew it was going to some finagling around. Even though I declined help I was amazed that no one in the parking lot even asked. I would have declined but it would have been nice to at least have someone to offer. Is chivalry dead ?or people are busy ?   I measured but not very well so the result was driving with three long pieces of wood pressed against the windshield soften with a T-shirt.  Only by prayer and slow careful drive home that no harm was done. The lesson learned was measure the inside of the car and the not the outside. 

Along with the shelves I purchased the paint.  I decided on malted milk as the color. Due to the small space I had to paint half the room first. Build the shelves. Load them up with stuff then paint the other half.  I stopped sometime on Saturday evening  and pushed the rest of the junk back in.   Probably more time consuming but it was worth it not have the rest of the house cluttered on Sunday.


I rested, worshiped and went Kayaking with my mom. I am going to share about the kayaking adventure another time. 


I woke up and was determined to finish painting but first needed to clear the room again. The amount of stuff was overwhelming even after purging and tossing a majority of the stuff. I sorted through three book shelves and managing to reduce the amount enough to fill half of one bookshelves .  

After moaning about the amount of stuff to be done I painted the rest of the walls and sort through more stuff. Sometime around noon I could not take being inside any more. The piles of stuff , maze of bookshelves and freaked out cats finally got to me.  The sun was shining so I changed out the paint clothes and head out.  With hands flecked with malted milk I went pick some apples. Not practical but it renewed my energy before heading back to Loews.  Mama always said, “A project is not complete with only one trip to the hardware store”. I needed to return a gallon of paint, I was advised to get two by the man on Saturday. I was able to give the room 2 coats some parts three coat sand still have some left over.  I also wanted to get another plank of wood and more cinder blocks. I was not offered help today at Loews and had track down an employee. On Saturday I had to dodge them while browsing. It is strange how their customer service changed In two days.   I was smarter at loading today and angled the plank to fit in the car. No danger of damaging the windshield and I could see out the passenger side mirror.  The hardest part was lifting the cinder blocks up to finish the shelf.  I love how they turn out and it looks great against the wall color.  No time to stop and admire. I loaded them up with more stuff and kept moving.  The next step was to get the pine table out of the basement. Not heavy but very awkward getting up narrow steps and around a corner.  It was difficult but worth it,  No more crafting on the dining room table after today. 

I am almost finished and have a 30% more to do.  My list has shorted and it feels good to be close to being able start creating some art and crafts.  Image


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