Over Thinking Again

Once again I have failed to update this blog with my promise of once a week, I am blaming it my tendency to over think and worry about almost everything including a little old blog post.

I am learning day by on how not worry by prayer and reading the bible daily. A couple of good books and talks with friends have helped too.

Recently, while procrastinating on Pinterest I came across this verse that is now plastered around my house and in my car. It’s Proverbs 31:25
She is clothed in dignity and strength, and laughs at the future.

When I think of the future laughing is not what I want to but it says laughter not crying or freaking out.  I have faith and love for a God who has plans for me and loves more than I can comprehend. I can’t say I will stop worrying completely but have given verses to strengthen and guide me everyday


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