Hiding from the Craft Police

Christmas Crafts 002

Sometimes, I am afraid the craft police are going to arrest me.  Finishing the craft room / Art studio has unearthed some interesting items like the broken Christmas ornaments ,googly eyes and E6000. Have you tried this glue ? it is the best. and glue almost anything.  It has accorded to me after creating some really odd that this could be one the primary reasons that I am still single.  My weirdness comes out like imp and takes over. I sat my table and glued away laughing like Dr. Frankenstein and delighting in the absurdness of it all. I am really tempted to try and sell this on Etsy just see if any one would buy it.  My marketing of this special one of a kind ornament would be that this could be an alternative to the Elf on the shelf . Hans the mutant nutcracker would be more of reason to behave and he can see in the dark.  Yes,  my glue and crafts should be taken away from me but those craft police can’t get me.  I am armed with an imagination and glitter.


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