video Returning From The Depths of Despair

I am sorry for not posting for such a long time. Personal issues and a busy holiday season and losing my password are only just some of my problems from the last couple months. I am on the slow road of recovery. All I can say is God is good and I have awesome family and wonderful friends.

I am returning to my normal level of weirdness some days and umm weeks are better than others. I am taking each day as it comes and climbing out of the depths of despair as Ann Shirley would say. What have you found to be helpful while in the depths of despair ? Please share in the comments. here is list of some things that have helped me. I hope these help you too.

1. Prayer and reading the bible.
2.Making lists of positives and negatives.
3.Being kind to myself.
5.Painting and doodling.
6.Hot tea and cocoa
7. keeping a diary of sorts.
8.Talking with people (difficult if you are introvert like me but sometimes it helps to get it out.)
9. Singing
10. Laughter
11.Quiet evenings at home with a few furry friends.
12.Yoga pants.
13. Exercise and dancing.
15. Bath cocktails. Just fill up a bath with hot water add Epson salts , baking soda and essential oils. I prefer lavender but you can what ever you want.
16.Mindless t.v. time and internet browsing.
17. White noise machine to lure me to sleep. I found slow waves or rainstorm sends me right to sleep.
18.Permission to move on from mistakes. up chaotic spaces.
20.Not reading about how to fix all my problems.


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