aside Solar Powered

I am a horrible blogger. I kept thinking about posting and writing but never got around to it.  I haven’t been very busy and my life is about the same. Is there a word for when you forget why you originally went on the internet ?  Does this happen to you ? I always think of things I want to know or find out about but tend to get distracted by pictures of cats ,food or randomness.   Now that Spring has arrived I feel energized , crafty and have the need to clean.   This weekend was shorted by having to work for part of Saturday.  Powered by the sun and antihistamines I have crafted like crazy.

Project number 1

Painted the kitchen backsplash using a mix of Reeves metallic acrylic paints and dry brush. Now all is needed is to paint the cabinets top and bottom. I also need to really clean the bottom of the top cabinets just noticed how filthy they are looking at the pictures.


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