Happy 2015

It has been way too long since posting and I apologize. My life in the past I don’t know how many months has been a roller coaster of defeats and achievements.  I often think of things to write but find myself more often sitting on the couch munching.  I know not very healthy but it is now a new year a chance to start fresh.  I am not making resolutions this year but simply have set some goals to achieve.  In my mind they are different but in reality probably the same. This year I hope to change the thing that is making me stressed, sick and tired for last 3 years. Those who know me are aware of what that thing is. I don’t mean to be secretive but how much  personal business should be on the web ? It so hard to decide what to share but at this point I am keeping mum.  I will share my short term goals for this month and year.

1.  Kick my addiction to sugar.  Yes ! no more cookies, chocolate and gummies.  My pants are tight and I need to take immediate action.  I will not replace sugar with artificial junk but simply make some better choices.    Starting tomorrow I am stocking up on fruit and nuts.

2. Maintain this blog. It is extremely lazy of me to neglect this vehicle of expression.

3.Finish unfinished projects. This includes projects that all the supplies have been brought but never started.

4.Start exercising again. Even if it means ten minutes of baltering in the morning.

5.Spend more quality time with God.

Happy New Year !



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