Bird Party

birdpartySmall setbacks and annoyances are getting less bothersome. I have been living a permanent state of constant stress for the past couple years. Working in stressful job that goes against my weird and introverted artistic self has led me to be sick, tired and just generally unhappy.  Thankfully, I have really good family, friends and an belong to an Awesome God. Yep, I am the King of Kings daughter and joyfully can praise his name. I really don’t know where  this post is going accept this morning I work up early to prepare a casserole for the church supper. Having no shells, penne or elbows for the planned macaroni cheese.  I ended up using spinach angel hair and creating baked pasta primavera. Just don’t ask for a recipe it was all just thrown together.  During this early morning cooking fest, I decided to throw the birds a party. I placed some old kumquats on the frozen bird bath.  Refiled the suet feeder. Decorated the discarded Christmas tree with dried orange slices.  Absent mindedly I went out without a scarf or hat just grab a jacket.  Not thinking it’s below 10 degrees I cam back in to a warm and toasty house and woke the asthma beast woke up. Sunday’s are poor day for breathing for me due to an old church and the essence of flowers and perfumes. Normally I can control this by inhaler and caffeine. Today I just had to spend the morning in. I was annoyed just having made a large casserole and wanting to be in my Father’s house.  But casseroles can be frozen and if asthma is in control, I will go to evening church. I realized that instead beginning filled with guilt as I would in the past over small annoyances I can be logical and move on with life. This way of thinking is an answer to prayer and I hope it continues.  In the meantime the birds and I can celebrate this victory.


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