Even Elephants

I finally stopped procrastinating last Saturday and went and did what has been successfully avoided for months. No! not a date or cleaning the basement. I finally went to the KatBird Shop and fetched my paintings. Prior to the appointment to retrieve the unsold paintings I was full of negativity. Ripping appart what ever artistic skills and vision I have ever had.  The reason why my art did not sell it must be rubbish.  My painting are better off in the trash. The little bits of me infused into my art must not be valuable  These feelings and others are why I put off for so long retrieving my art from the shop during the upteen months they were away (only one sold and that  person knows me).  Maybe only friends and loved ones appreciate my globs of paint smeared on a canvas ? Maybe they only encourage me like you would a small child ?  Even Elephants are considered more successful artists than me.  This year I have decided to stop avoiding unpleasant or difficult tasks. The first one achieved was making an appointment and fetching the unappreciated detestables home.  On Friday night, I had a meaningful talk with a creative friend that helped change my way of thinking. She attended a lecture by an artist and the gist of it  was keep on make things that make you happy. It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks or is doing.  I slept on this morsel of logic and happily went and retrieved the paintings. I planned on gessoing over them and starting over again.  And you know what ? I think they are splendid.  In the safety and privacy  that can only be achieved by being at home.  I unwrapped the plastic wrap and hung them up around the house. They look cheerful and add freshness to the walls.  The despised and rejected are hanging up to be admired and bring beauty of nature inside.  People who overlooked and did not buy my painting are crazy. My friends and family are not. They happen to be bright and insightful people who can appreciate true art when they see it. I don’t know if  or when I  will try to sell my art again but I will go on painting.  God gave me this gift and I will keep using it.

Lilacs, Caspian and Summer Peaches
Lilacs, Caspian and Summer Peaches
Blue Hydrangeas Blossoms
Blue Hydrangeas Blossoms


  1. I am so happy for you – I can only imagine how difficult and discouraging it must have been to have only sold one painting but so glad to hear you will keep painting. I for one, really appreciate your artwork (and love the gifts you have given to us! I smile whenever I see them!!)

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