New Name

It has been way too long since updating this blog. I lost my quatro de weekendo vibe.Life and being over stressed just got in the way of creating and living. I have had some major life changes since January. I am no longer employed due to budget cuts, I am ok with this and know that God will and has provide. I am recovering from being over stressed and have regained my creativity. I am job searching but enjoying this time between employers. You are probably wondering what this all has to do with changing my blogs name ? I cannot go back to the person that originally started this blog. I have grown and no longer have to live just for the weekend.

We were singing an anthem in choir rehearsal called at The Table of Grace. Then a little light bulb set off that I am at the table of grace but also we all have a table. Tables collect items, gather people and display what is going on with your life. I hope that this is not too confusing my thoughts are not always expressed well verbally or in written word. Thoughts just kind of jump around like cats avoiding being caught.

I am not quite sure where this blog is going but look forward to sharing my thoughts and art while regaining what was lost by stress.


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